Ukraine Denmark Energy Centre

a bilateral government cooperation on strategic energy planning

Preparations of the bilateral government cooperation jointly initiated by Ukrainian and Danish governments started immediately after the new Ukrainian government was formed in 2014 due to the fact that the current situation in the Ukrainian energy sector resembles the situation in Denmark some decades ago with a need to reduce import and overall consumption of energy resources without destructive impact on its economy. In Denmark steep increase of the world market oil price four decades ago pushed the Danish government for market intervention measures and tight regulation of the sector. The Danish energy policy was formulated as government response to this crisis back in the 1970’ies to reduce dependence on imported oil by stimulation of energy efficiency and by systemic optimization of the power and heat supply infrastructure.

Continuous strategic energy planning in Denmark, which is widely recognized as one of the world best successful practices, resulted in high energy efficiency indicators both in residential and industrial sector, increase in the share of renewables used for energy generation, which is now among the highest in the world and  repositioning of the country from import-dependent to energy net exporter. These records of successful practices by the Danish governmental energy administration provide a valuable setting for knowledge sharing and expertise transfer.

In the actual situation in Ukraine the Danish professional expertise emphasizing energy-efficiency, energy resource diversification, and use of renewables as the strategic measures in the energy sector is valuable and supportive. This expertise is now offered to the Ukrainian Government adjusted to the concrete conditions in Ukraine. It is offered as technical assistance from Danish government officials to the Ukrainian administration through the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Center.