Ukraine Denmark Energy Centre

a bilateral government cooperation on strategic energy planning

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark and the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine concluded the Agreement on Development and Co-operation of the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Center (UDEC). The Agreement defines this Project as a technical assistance provided under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme.

The cooperation between Ukraine and Denmark concerning the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Centre is based on a “peer-to-peer twinning” approach. This approach to delivery of technical assistance (TA) requires mutual commitment and availability of partners in order to produce the agreed results.

The Ukraine-Denmark Energy Centre serves as a platform to establish, manage and support cross-institutional cooperation and provision of the expertise in the Danish Energy Administration to assist the Ukrainian Energy administration.

In the agreement the Agreement on Development and Co-operation of the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Center (UDEC) the following Outputs are defined:


Methodology of long – term forecast modelling for national energy balance
Methodology for greenhouse gas registry and UNFCCC reporting
The monitoring system in the sphere of energy efficiency at industrial sub-sector level.
Methodology and tools for analysis of integration of RE-power in regional grids
Methodology and software for energy system scenario analysis
Analysis of options for increased use of RE in heating sector

Besides The Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Ukraine that is the Project’s beneficiary and recipient the following Ukrainian State institutions were identified to collaborate at the level of

Project Working Groups:

the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE)
the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU)
the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MoENR)
the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MoEDT)